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About Us

Quality Coffee, Quality Food, Quality Service

Knotts Coffee Company is proud to bring the most craft-fully brewed, exceptionally consistent coffee to the '757.'

Stay for a few moments or a while; our lush, tranquil interior serves as a balancing act when contrasted with our bold and energizing brews.

In short, Knotts Coffee Company is 'Suffolking Good.'

quality beans

Roasted through our partnership with a local supplier provides a unique and distinctive flavor.

quality food

Nobody competes with Starbucks' scale or Wawa's prices. Where we think we're better (by a lot) is quality and service.

quality service

We aim to be the very best at all we do, especially our approach to hospitality.

At Knotts Coffee Co. we are driven to deliver excellent food and amazing coffee in a uniquely curated environment by way of happy and hospitable associates.

Our dedication to sourcing quality beans, roasted through our partnership with a local supplier allows us to construct a unique and distinctive flavor. To compliment our velvety coffee our menu was inspired by the warmth and flavor seen throughout the coffee belt.

We know the importance of comfort and community which is why our team is focused on providing quality service.

Our Story

Knotts Coffee Company is the product of JT Holt, Director of Operations at OBEC Hospitality. Immersed in the coffee world decades ago, forever shaped by his unique experiences in the land of coffee to now bring you a café of his creation.

JT was enjoying early adult life in Negril, Jamaica. His tenacity in the food and beverage industry earned him a position at a renowned resort, governing everything food related. With Jamaican coffee being a staple for vacationers, JT would spend his early mornings on excursions seeking out the highest-quality, freshest beans, ensuring guest satisfaction.

From JT's exploration through the cliffs of Jamaica and a partnership with local developers and investors, Knotts Coffee Company was born. The café experience of KCC has been crafted and designed to delight both the coffee lover and the foodie, bringing a unique coffee shop experience to North Suffolk.

Passionate about coffee & customer service?

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